• expo components

://selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem

incorporates different digital art media and components

a) digital prints (up to 48 to be framed)

b) digital videos (38)
installations, screenings, projections

c) multi-media works (18 – online and/or offline-CD-Rom)
to be displayed from computer

d) soundart (16)
after the show at Bethlehem, this component will be extended by
SoundLAB – Edition IV – “Memoryscapes” (online/offline) incorporating moe than 140 artists

e) 100 artists’ statements ( specific interface)

f) the works included in the show can be navigated via a common interface, which forms a basic part of the exhibition, because for the visitor it will be possible to surf through the entire exhibition just by sitting on a computer monitor.

This interface can be displayed on one or more monitors either online (broad bandwidth Internet connection) or offline (from DVD).


The dimension and the appearance of the exhibition in physical space is depending basically on the hardware and technical equipment avaialble for the installation on location.